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Cross-reference encoders available for all the favorite popular brands - instant stock up to 72 hrs build time!
See our Allen Bradley encoder series 844D replacement >>
No more waiting to get those encoders you need now.

We repair printing equipment!
Call us for electronic parts and repairs on all kinds of printing equipment! Some of the popular brands include Akiyama, Astronomic, Eltromat, Goss, Heidelberg, Kodak,  Miller, Mitsubishi, Polar, Pola Mohr, and many more... To see a Polar Cutter
Polar Cutter >>
Electronic repairsElectronic RepairsHave CNC Parts to sell?
Our customers need your help. If you have any obsolete electronics for the CNC industry, please let us know.  Our customers call us for displays, power supplies, motherboards, controllers, servos, LCDs, PLCs, drives, spindles, and more- Hitachi Seiki, Hurco, Matsuura, Mazak, Okuma.


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New "Plug-n-Play" cross reference replacement for Siemens 1XP8001-1/1024 >>
Our NEW 2 piece design makes installaton a breeze!
Get it fast! >>  Build time is same day up to 48hrs
and it comes with a flex shaft, extension plug, and a stainless steel bracket.
Only $565.00 >> bulk discount for motor shops >> See it here!

Customer Testimonials:
"...These guys are great! They always come thru for me and I appreciate the service. When I have something to repair, I call Controls & Gadgets. I would happily recommend them to you." - Paul Peterson- Pineville, NC

"These guys have helped me get through some hard times! We have a lot of obsolete equipment and it's not in our budget to get new machines. Somehow they are able to repair my stuff and I am very grateful"- Gary Jarginagin- Charlotte, NC

New!  power supplies......
High quality and low prices- this regulated DIN rail mount power supply will give years of trouble free service...

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